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Handling Precautions

+ Never charge the battery in a sealed container.
+ Never disassemble the battery.
+ Never short-circuit battery terminals.
+ Never incinerate batteries, for they may explode.

+ Do not press and/or bend the terminals, or overheat them.

+ Do not mix old and new batteries together, neither use batteries of different types or brands.
+ Do not dispose of with household waste.
+ Be sure to use the specified charger for battery, and follow the charging instructions correctly.
+ Be sure to charge the batteries between the temperatures0oC/32oF to 45oC/113oF.
+ Be sure to position batteries securely, protecting them from abnormal shocks and /or vibration.
+ Be sure to keep sufficient space between batteries for ventilation (where possible>10mm).
+ Be sure to install batteries in a cool and well ventilated place.
+ The surrounding temperature must remain between-20oC/4oFto 40oC/104oF during storage.
+ Recharge the batteries at least every 6 months during storage.
+ Be sure to consult FirstPower engineers any time you are to use FirstPower VRLA batteries for your products, or preparing your technical specifications of FirstPower VRLA batteries.